About me: Hi, I'm gbl08ma on the internet and Gabriel in the real life, the main administrator of and, and the developer of

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  • Gabriel commented on the plugin Excelanalytics
    "Remember that you need the license of excel to use this plugin legally." Why? I can use OpenOffice, or any other XLS file interpreter! Thanks for the plugin, might install soon!
  • Gabriel commented on the plugin event fullcalendar
    @Kevin, I did replace this calendar plugin with this one because this one seems more powerful and has a full-page calendar view. Also, on your original plugin version, on 1.7.1 there seems it is a bug that makes it to not display the Add event menu...
  • Gabriel commented on the plugin event fullcalendar
    To fix the duplicate menu entry @Mark Bridges pointed, simply comment out the line 113 OR 104 of the file event_calendar/start.php   I'm still searching for a solution to the colorpicker problem... :(
  • Gabriel commented on the plugin event fullcalendar
    I can't seem to find any conflicting JS, and (at least as far as I know) none of my plugins have modified the colorpicker. I'll develop a test plugin just to see if it's a problem on the whole Elgg input/colorpicker. The colorpicker doesn't show...
  • Gabriel commented on the plugin event fullcalendar
    Works like a charm on my 1.7.1 installation at . But I got a question. When we add a new event, there's a section to associate a color to it. But only the title and the description appear, no color chooser (or any other...
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  • Gabriel commented on the plugin Translation Editor
    It's working great for me under Elgg 1.7.1. Thank you very much for providing this plugin, keep up the good work. This plugin helped me solve the dilema of wanting to have people, to which I don't want to give root access to the site files,...