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  • Sean Johnson added a new discussion topic In need of a profile manager in the group Form and related plugins
    ok i have the profile manager pulgin but it doesnt allow for you to edit the about me or make a new one and  i am looking for a way to take out the defult about me part. can anyone help me or show me where to get a new plugin that allows for...
    • What exactly do you want to change?

      Because Profile manager does support the about me field.
      You can just add a profile field, name it 'description' and put anything in the label you want as a title for your users to use in the field.

      Elgg will understand that it is the 'about me' field, and will use the profile manger one in your profile pages.

      if you would just simply want to delete it, make a plugindirectory, and override the view: mod/profile/views/profiel/details.php and remove the about me part in it (It's at the bottom of the file, it starts at line 77)

      But unless you want to just remove it, use profile manager to edit it to your needs.

    • Really? Because Profile Manager allows you to create a lot of fields, even about me fields.

    • If you have imported the default profile fields (Elgg core profile fields) into the Profile Manager on the Profile Manager settings page, the "description" field is the "About Me" field. If you want to keep the other profile fields but not the "About me" field then delete this profile field again. You can add your own profile field with Profile Manager that allows also entering of longer texts (make this new profile field of type longtext). Or if you only want to change the wording of "About Me" to something else, keep the default "description" profile field and edit it (= enter the wording of your choice in the Label field).