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  • vodario added a new discussion topic InviteFriends ? nothing displayed in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi there, I just installed Elgg ! Really the best interface I used... I have 2 issues : 1/ I want to allow registered members for invite new members, but nothing appears on the site... Where the ability for a member to invite a new one is...
      Hello, in groups you can invite members
      with plugin Invite Friends
    • 1. The bundled plugin "Invite friends" does it.

      2. Everything should work by default. Check your server's error log.

    • The Invite Friends plugin has to be enabled for the invitation functionality to work. I think the sidebar menu link to invite friends on the Friends page got displayed even with the Invite Friends plugin disabled on older versions of Elgg. In this case a click on the link lead to an empty page. But this bug should have been fixed in recent versions of Elgg. Have you installed a theme on your site or other plugins that might alter the invitation/registration functionality of Elgg? If this is the case, one of these plugins might cause the problem. You could try with temporarily disabling all 3rd party plugins to see if the invitation functionality works then.

      With "Allow new users to register" disabled the Register link on the login page / dropdown is not shown at all. As a sidenote: with new users registrations disabled the invite friends functionality is also disabled. If the registration link is displayed on your site ("Allow new users to register" enabled) but the register link does not work it might be for the same reason I mentioned above: some plugin you have added might cause the problem. Also the same step to debug the problem: try with all 3rd party plugins disabled to see if any of the added plugins causes the problem. If it's a plugin causing the problem you would have to find out which one. Knowing if a plugin is involved in the problem would be an important info for use to be able to help us. And if the plugin causing the problem is an older plugin (e.g. not showing any Elgg 2.x version as recommended Elgg version) this plugin might just no longer be fully working on recent versions of Elgg.

  • vodario added a new discussion topic Groups from private to public in the group General Discussion
    I've installed Elgg in "private mode", but some groups would like to share their calendar (event calendar) or/and their blog in public mode. Could you please tell me whether it would be possible to (and how to) satisfy them ? Thanks...
    • By "private mode" I assume you mean the option "Restrict pages to logged-in users".

      The simplest way would be to write a plugin that adds event calendar pages to the Walled Garden whitelist. They would then have to give those URLs out manually, unless you created a directory of them on another public page.

  • vodario joined the group General Discussion