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  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    Hi Tiago, I know it's annoying, but as a free product the notice should be left in place.
  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    Hi sistani, could it be a permissions problem on your server?
  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    It works fine on my installation. I'm afraid you have to be much more specific than "it does not work" if you need some help. Also, apologies for the delay in getting back... I am very busy these days, so will take a little while to respond...
  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    Version 1.1.2 of Social Connect offers a new setting to enable/disable social integration on the login page and register page. You can now do this with a simple check box, no coding necessary. Also, some users who run Elgg under HTTPS with...
  • Federico released a new version of the plugin Social Connect
    • I am having the same issues as imjustsara but they do not work even in the topbar login (which I have disabled)

      I have this issue with another social login app and I really need to get this to work.

    • Important! Can the new users who are connecting with this plugin to Elgg based social networks be requested to plugin in their passwords for the site so that next time they visit the site they don't need to go through the loop of connecting through their facebook, twitter, or other networks acconts?

    • I followed the steps for the yahoo but it says the following error when I want to login via Yahoo!

      Something bad happen!

       Authentification failed. The user has canceled the authentication or the provider refused the connection.

  • Federico commented on the plugin Language Packs
    Hi there, yes, it's alive and kicking. There just isn't anybody who manages the French language! Would you like to be an Admin for French?
  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    @Dave ONchE, for the time being unfortunately there is no way to connect a user with a different email address to one in your Elgg site. This will become possible when I manage to create the plugin profile tools... Sorry :-(
  • Federico commented on the plugin Social Connect
    As somebody noted, right now the plugin adds social connection to login and registration pages automatically. In version 1.2 I will add these two as options, so that admins can decide which feature (if any) to enable......


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