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  • fantor added a new discussion topic sub-profiles in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all!   Does anybody know if it is possible to create Sub-Profiles in elgg? i.e, a profile associated to a main profile, company and their employees.
  • fantor added a new discussion topic Moodle SSO and Integration Plugins in the group Plugin Development
    Hi All:   Has anyone tried the plugins by Miller on Moodle SSO and Moodle integration, recently uploaded?   If so, anyone has an idea how they work, and what is the extend of these plugins? Do they provide full integration with...
    • It seems I still haven't updated the function that's supposed to provide groups discussion posts from Elgg. It's still using the Elgg 1.8 way that's not compatible with Elgg 1.9.

    • Did you remove the copied/unattributed plugins Juho?  If not definitely go ahead and nuke them.

    • If you want an oauth server/consumer approach, I made one before.  You can find it as part of a set here:  I have moodle as the server and code for both wordpress and elgg as consumers.  I haven't updated these in a while so ymmv.  I last tested it on elgg 1.8 I think.

      It has a very basic REST services api on the moodle side as well so you can get information such as a user's teachers or a user's students.  I leveraged that for Khan Academy integration but maybe not much use for those two in elgg.  It's a good starting point and if you can code then you can add services such as enrolling to a course, etc.

  • fantor commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hi All / Jeroen: Finally I managed to fund out what was wrong... I don't know why, but for some reason, (at least in my site), when activating Profile Manager, the way the system sent the confirmation email changed from php to stmp, so emails were...
  • fantor commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hello everyone: I've a problem with this plugin.. if anyone has an idea I will be most grateful!!! Everytime I activate the Profile Manager plugin, the confirmation emails for new registers in the site are not sent!! I mean the people registering...
  • fantor commented on the plugin Messages File Transfer
    Hi I downloaded and installes the plugin but nothing happens, actually when I click on compose a message I dont get the rich text editor nor the possibility to attach files.... should I get another message plugin or something?? Thanks