Brian H Fitzsimons

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Im a runner, an optimist, a treehugger and I take people for face value. I find things intriguing and often pick up on the little things that many people miss. I like to make decisions, plan, cook and Im not afraid to say no. I give everything my best, even yoga but thats another story! I believe in people, in change and I like to inspire anyone who has 5. I like different, different is good. Nothing fun comes from being the same? I love a challenge, running a business is my current one. Its fun so far Im happy to say. Im a amateur photographer, I cant swim and it really annoys me. I've a good work/life balance and Im a VERY creative thinker. I've been lucky with friends, family and relationships - my phone is always on. I believe we are a product of our environment but were the captain of our own ship. What can I say, Im me. Be good, take care of those around you and be the best you can.

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