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  • enkce commented on the plugin Ban users
    @liang lee good good cant wait for 1.9 to be out  
  • enkce replied on the discussion topic Default Elgg Header Like FB?
    @steve yes that is true and yes it has helped me out of a few sticky situations at work (im a web designer by trade) and love the firte fox 3d view that can help me a lot on high css content pages and multy css threaded pages god its my handy tool... view reply
  • enkce commented on the plugin Admin Notes
    hey brett thanks it will come in real handy and is brill for my site already using it (ok ok ok i am the only admin on two account my personal account and my admin account but it works a treat) just wish there was a way to see all admin notes in one...
  • enkce replied on the discussion topic Search box
    ok well there is one way you can do it it depends if your using a theme pack like i am check the theme at my site social.enkce.com if you use any theme on it like this that changes the way the site looks then you will have to alter the css in the... view reply
  • enkce commented on the plugin Ban users
    this would be good in the core yes it would be a good idea to add a sectioon that can allow a person to still log in but ristrict his use on the site i.e like the face bopok one where someone sends to many freind requests and when someone bugs some...
  • enkce replied on the discussion topic How to show sign up button in external pages?
    i may be able to help there pm me your site address and the page you want it to be on in the adress bar i.s http//www.yoursite.com/pages/madepage and ill have a look at the page then i would need a copy of the page code (i.e the page php you have)... view reply
  • enkce joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • enkce added a new discussion topic Building a plugin for my email site in the group Beginning Developers
    hello im looking to build a pluigin for my email site (its not same database as my elgg site but i want to be able to have a plugin that will allow them to sign up to my email site and maybe login to there email when they log into the elgg site and...
    • adc

      i am looking for the same:-)

    • adc

      i now use the email domain plugin (see plugin directory). it goes some way to solving this issue, as it allows only users of your email service to register.