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  • emilyc added a new discussion topic Non-IT inclined user needs help! in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi Everyone, I have a question and didn't know where else to turn, so I figured I'd start here. I work for an organization that has a website built on the elgg platform. However, it is not mobile friendly at all and we're losing users because of...
    • The complexity of the migration depends on which elgg branch you are currently on and which all plugins you are using. For example, if you need to migrate from 1.7 branch to 1.8 it needs a major development (probably months, to do the upgrade, to test and iron out all the issues etc). If you are upgrading with in 1.8 branch itself, then the upgrade is simple, and all the development is needed to create the mobile friendly design.

      Its better to wait for the 1.9 release of elgg than developing the theme for 1.8 branch.

    • It depends on which plugins in addtion of the bundled plugins are used and also which theme is used. Upgrading Elgg itself should not take much time but if any additional plugins are used the upgrade might not be possible immediately after Elgg 1.9 has been released as these plugins might need to be updated to work on Elgg 1.9, too. Some plugins might work without changes necessary but other might not (I'm already working on getting my plugins ready for Elgg 1.9, so I know that some do require to be updated).

      If you are using plugins that need to be updated you would have to wait for the developer of this plugins to release new versions (and of course it's not possible to say if they manage to do this within a few days, week, months... or not at all). Or the IT company that designed the site would need to provide the updates of the plugins. Again, depending on which plugins are used it's not possible to say how much time is necessary for this.

      The theme of the site is another issue. The new mobile-friendly default theme might not suit you and it might need to be modified (for example to look like your old theme). This might also take some time depending on the effort necessary.

      So: if no changes in plugins are necessary it will take hours but otherwise it's rather days or weeks. Your IT company could already do a test run using the current development version of the Elgg 1.9 tree together with the plugins used on your site. This way they could identify possible problems and they might give you are better estimation of the time necessary to update your live site.

    • i would just use mobilize job done lol and if you do not like just edit it or pay someone to edit it, you can get other plugins from other cms's and mix up the coding etc, though i am no expert! ^_^

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