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    I am moving this everyone's very favorite topic here because the other topic was getting too lenghty for reading thru... http://community.elgg.org/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=94259&group_guid=15815 I am getting my brains tied up with...
    • I encountered this error when using the Safari browser (PC version) to create a group.  Safari logs you out of elgg periodically (not sure how long of a time before you are logged out) and during this I was creating a group profile.  I pressed save, not knowing i was logged out, and it appeared to save, but then yielded this fun "InvalidParameterException, All files must have an owner!" error message.  I was able to recover from the error finally, but i don't want it to happen again!

      In the previous thread for this issue, Cash suggested a line of code in the mod/groups/actions/edit.php file (placing action_gatekeeper();  following the global $CONFIG; line.)  I did implement this change Cash suggested, however after making that change, i am unable to edit/save group profile information.  I get the error Form is missing __token or __ts fields in the comment window at the top when i click on SAVE at the bottom of the group edit form.

      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.  I mainly want to install some code to prevent the InvalidParameterException that I originally had due to being logged out and then pressing SAVE in group edit.  It caused a group to be created with no members (or owner) and Elgg did not like that!

    • @SunirMalya

      "well i did it and it works perfectly - the only thing now is to grab all that information you are emailing and log it as well..  THanks Dhrup"

      We've not heard back from you, esp the "works perfectly.." aspect. I'm looking for some more detailed feedback mi a amigo from the DeepWater lolz (ps I left AUS cc 1990 to move here to the USA).

      Have you made more progress with those funky errors ? We are after all this time of posting smarty-ass kickass code finally going to actually implement our own code on live servers !

    • Hi,

      I've had success in cleaning out my instance of this error - I was crashing when going to the Members page, or in the User admin page.

      It turned out that I had a user entity in elggentities without a matching record in elggusers_entity.

      I found the suspect record by adding an extra line to Dhrup's mail suggestion:

                             . "USER GUID   (". $owner->guid  . ") / \n"

      This told me the guid of the suspect user.  I then went to elggentities and switched the 'enabled' field to 'no' for that entity, and my error went away.

      Just to be extra careful, I wrote the following to see if there were any other problem records:

      SELECT guid FROM elggentities AS ee
      WHERE ee.type = 'user' AND NOT EXISTS (
         SELECT guid FROM elggusers_entity AS eue
         WHERE ee.guid = eue.guid

      If this happens much more I'll look into whether I feel comfortable just deleting the entity rather than disabling it.

      Thanks everyone for all the suggestions!


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