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  • domblue replied on the discussion topic SOLRSearch for Elgg Plugin
    @saurabh ... I am working for the company of which is said that you need to have a PhD to consume their products :-) ... thus I am used to complexity:-) ... but SOLR is really easy to use and setup and you don't need custom coding ... the reason I... view reply
  • domblue replied on the discussion topic SOLRSearch for Elgg Plugin
    ... because this repo is just a ping test to SOLR using Solarium ... view reply
  • domblue added a new discussion topic SOLRSearch for Elgg Plugin in the group Plugin Development
    I have started to create a plugin to integrate SOLR into Elgg. The combination of SOLR / Solarium looks rather impressive. I have put the plugin onto Github -> It still lacks a lot but if...
    • Search on Groups (based on profile manager created fields)?

    • @domblue: I have implemented solr search on my site. My implemetation is not that detailed. I manage most of configurations via the solr.conf and do not have the detailed interface as you mention. Anyway count me in on the effort, I can gladly help in my spare time.

      I think elgg is a great platform but lacks heavily on the search aspect. The database structure is not at all search friendly specially the metadata.  For me, the native elgg search is way too slow plus the custom profile field search wasn't working properly a while ago. I tried all the above solutions like mysql native search, sphinx but they were not where close to solr's performance. 

      Have you considered elasticsearch? I think it might fit in better than solr for elgg. 

    • @All: ElasticSearch, yes it is really cool to have. We are using elasticsearch + elgg from last 1.5 years. I believe, elasticsearch dynamic document model is best fit with EAV model of elgg. Where each entity could have different attributes to define the state of the object. Even though the object is of same type. And correspondingly elasticsearch document model fully support this behavior. We are using this model succesfully for more than 2 million entities. Best this about elasticsearch, we can scale up and down anytime we need and it automatically handle all internal complications like to identify the cluster, To work as replica for other shards, and many more advantages of elasticsearch.

  • domblue replied on the discussion topic Connections what connections
    To be very clear: Number of connections != Number of requests. Requests are not run all in parallel but rather use the available number of connections in parallel which is typically 6 - 10. The number of requests is irrelevant for this purpose. This... view reply
  • domblue replied on the discussion topic Connections what connections
    "One can consider that somebody having more than 10 connections opened is not a regular user." - see here ... so you might have some bad people banging against your site. Here you find the actual numbers of connections a browser opens per... view reply

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