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  • dml replied on the discussion topic Are plugins safe?
    @cim - I take your point but just because something is "open sores" (coz it's always raw and bleeding and will never actually heal) does not mean the coder should not show pride in their work. So shoot me - I'm just an old school programmer who was... view reply
  • dml replied on the discussion topic Are plugins safe?
    I'm also new to elgg and for what it is worth, as far as i can see you take your chances with the plugins. There *really* needs to be some sort of administration done on those things. eg..developer does not respond to questions or user problems,... view reply
  • dml joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • dml commented on the plugin Elggx Fivestar
    I guess I am missing someting obvious here: "To add the fivestar widget, edit the view code of the plugin you want to vote on and add the following line. Where you add the line will determine where the widget is displayed. <?php echo...