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  • dimes commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics]
    So, the original exif.php lib file delivered with the TidyPics Photo Gallery Plugin doesn't work for me, because the EXIF information is stored as Meta-Information in the Elgg-Database and when reading the information out, the function "unserialize"...
  • dimes commented on the plugin [Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics]
    I get no EXIF data out of my pictures. Checked twice: - EXIF info is in original pictures to upload - tried GD, Imagemagick CmdLine and imagick PHP Extension: no effect, no exif info displayed. - Pictures uploaded long ago, and uploaded just...
  • dimes added a new discussion topic Related content/related links in the group Plugin Development
    I wonder if i did not found any plugins or discussions to this topic. Idea: if a write a blog entry or else i add some, "tags". When reading the blog entry it would be nice if the is a method to automatically show "related links" or "related...
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  • dimes replied on the discussion topic What one thing lets elgg down? Spammers... Mainly Chinese!
    If i have traffic from china or russia on my site, the traffic is reffered as google search with keywords "powered by elgg". http://www.google.com/search?q="powered+by+elgg" So i think the spammers searching explicit for elgg sites! And it could... view reply
  • dimes replied on the discussion topic BOTH icons and avatars in the activity stream on riverdashboard?
    I did it by modifying \views\default\river\item\wrapper.php this result:   on http://friendsfirst.de view reply
  • dimes commented on the plugin River Comments
    @Gennaro   Same problem for me. Especially when commenting on the river, that users are friends now! The comment posted at userA ist now friend with userB shows up, whever userA is friend with any other user.
  • dimes commented on the plugin Wall to Wall Messageboard Addon
    ... or better: force one of poster or postee to be the current user (wall.php, line 33 add):   // For security reasons  if ($poster!=$_SESSION['guid'] && $postee!=$_SESSION['guid']) {$poster = $_SESSION['guid'];}