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  • David F. Barrero commented on the plugin SNA4Elgg
    Surbhi, I am not sure if I understood your problem. The only thing you need to put the plugin working is a basic Elgg installation. Just install the plugin as usual and export the graph with Elgg admin interface. In order to visualize and handle the...
  • David F. Barrero commented on the plugin SNA4Elgg
    The plugin accesses the database through the Elgg API, so as long as it is enabled in a Elgg site, it should work. Given that it might require quite a lot I/O, I do not recommend you to use it with a production site (however there should not be any...
  • David F. Barrero commented on the plugin SNA4Elgg
    Surbhi, this plugin is strictly to export data, so it is not possible to import the graph back.
  • David F. Barrero commented on the plugin SNA4Elgg
    @jondron Thank you very much for your words and the bug fix. I have published a new release with your fix and some code clean up. Hope now it works smoothly and please, enjoy it :). @hallak Now there are three screenshots to show how the plugin and...
  • David F. Barrero released a new version of the plugin SNA4Elgg
    • Hi David

      I finally got round to working out why I was having problems importing groups into Gephi - some of the groups on our site have symbols like '&' and '"' in them. I'm not sure whether this might also affect user names (we have only alphanumeric characters in ours) but it would be worthwhile to at least encode the group names  using the PHP htmlentities function. I had to do a fair bit of manual editing of the gexf file to make it work.

      The good news is that, with over 400 groups and nearly 6000 users, it still works!


    • Yes, found the same problem. XML does not accept all charachters in elements as well as attributes. Another issue is special charachters called diacritics. That has to do with codepages. It can make some characters look funny. Im now working on how to model the graph to best match the Elgg data model

    • Hello,

      Go to "Administration utilities -> SNA4Elgg", create the graph by pressing the "Update" button, and after that download it through the link "Download graph".

      I have the elgg version 1.8.19 and your SNA4Elgg 1.1 version.

      If I click on "Update" button, no download link occured!?

      Can you help me?


  • David F. Barrero replied on the discussion topic Social network analysis
    Hi all, I have just published a plugin to enable SNA on Elgg. It exports the topology to a GEFX file that can be imported by Gephi, a cool (and free) SNA tool. The plugin is available... view reply