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  • david090366 commented on the plugin Ggames
    Well. found my problem, I think. I'm using elgg in combination with joomla via jfusion. I have elgg integrated with the site via a wrapper. ( which is basicly an Iframe I think ) the plugin doesn't seem to work within the wrapper. Any suggestions,...
  • david090366 commented on the plugin Ggames
    I'm having a problem with it. The game selector displays but when I click on a game to play it, nothing happens. My elgg installation isn't at the root of the site, but rather in a subfolder, could this have something to do with it?
  • david090366 commented on the plugin 3 column riverdashboard
    Absolutely beautiful. Works in 1.5 like a charm also.
  • david090366 commented on the plugin 3 column riverdashboard
    @ antifmradio I had the same issue with it wanting to all line up also. Am using the free version of darkelgg on my 1.5 site. I moved it under the theme and it works fine now.
  • david090366 replied on the discussion topic Messaging Question in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hey, I hope this is the right place for this, and that it's not too stupid a question, but anyway... My roommate wants to start up his own social networking site, and, not being very tech-savvy, he asked me to look into social networking software...
    • Er... that wasn't a private message; that was posted to this group.  And I still don't understand what I've done to offend you.

      Okay, since for some reason you're posting the private messages here, here's the timeline: I posted a question.  You answered.  Yes, your initial answer was helpful; thank you.

      But then I received a private message from you:

      RE:Messaging QuestionHey, I hope this is the right place for this, and
      that it's not too stupid a question, but anyway... My roommate wants to
      start up his own social networking site, and, not being very tech-savvy, he
      asked...If you do not wish to discuss further... after your rather
      "desperate" post... goobye...

      I didn't understand this private message at all.  And I still don't.  What was "desperate" about my post, and why would I wish to discuss anything further?  So I PMd you back, with the following:

      >If you do not wish to discuss further... after your rather "desperate" post...goobye...

      Huh?  I honestly have no idea what you mean by this...

      You then sent me a private message saying the following:

      Mr Smeazel.. Figure who I am... first.. or should I ban you really quick....

      At this point, I was totally baffled, and I still am.  How would I figure out who you are?  Why would you threaten to ban me?  What the heck have I done?  I asked a question, you answered it, and then you sent me a private message I didn't understand, and for some reason when I replied saying I didn't understand you... well, you sent _that_.

      I replied with the following:

      Wha--huh?  How would I possibly know who you are?  And what have I done to merit banning?  I just registered on the site about an hour ago, and all I did since then is ask one question...

      I looked at your profile to see if that held any hints, and saw this:

      >@ [Smeazel] Come talk or....hold you peace.. (22 minutes ago)

      ...but I don't know what that means either.  Come talk where?  (And why?)  I'm new to this site, and I have absolutely no idea what you're referring to.

      You replied as follows:

      [e-mail address redacted]

      My reply to that:

      Or what?  You answered my original question, and thanks for that (and I found a plugin that seems to do what my roommate was asking for), but I'm not sure why you want to talk to me further...  while I appreciate your original answer, your private messages to me have been frankly rather rude and confusing, and don't particularly incline me to want to give you my e-mail address...

      I don't know what's going on here.  I really don't.  I don't understand why you're so upset.

      Yes, you helped me by your initial reply.  Thank you for that.  But I don't understand your private messages at all.  And essentially, in my replies, all I've been saying is that I don't understand.  (Okay, in my last message I did call your messages "rude" at one point, but, well, yeah, I'd say threatening to ban someone for no apparent reason is kind of rude.)

      Again, thank you for your answer to my question; yes, you gave me the answer I needed, and yes, I appreciate that.  But what's gone on with the private messages baffles me completely.  It was never my intent to offend you, and I still don't know what I've done or what's going on.  If I've done something wrong, at least let me know what it was.

    • A few things need to be cleared up.  I can look up in the database to see what was said by whom and when and via private messages or in the group discussion, but I'm taking for fact that the messages listed in this thread are correct.

      First, the only users with admin privileges are Dave Tosh, Marcus Covey, Pete Harris, and me.  We are the only people who can ban users.

      Secondly, this is an open source community for an open source application.  In this community, no one expects or requires payment for contributing.  Contributions can be in the form of answered questions, patches, documentation, etc.  Unless it is through Elgg's funding company Curverider, any paid support is provided by third parties who are unrelated to Elgg and Curverider. 

      If you are asked to pay for any support given by a user on this site, please report that user immediately, as this is not permitted.  Similarly, if you expect payment for any contribution you make on this site, please immediately cease all actions in the community, as all information posted here is free and public.

      That said, advertising commercial services is permitted, providing it is limited to the appropriate groups and discussions and done in good taste.  If you are a company wishing to provide commercial support for Elgg, please advertise your services as such and not after the fact.

      Finally, the harassment of any user will result in a ban of the harassing user.  This is an open and shared community site in which member will behave respectfully to all.

    • I agree with Brett entirely.. and that's how it should be.

      There are several people who are members of this community that do in fact get paid work from other members. I'm sure money exchange hands in this community frequently. I personally got paid twice through this community in the past week. However, and as Brett said, discussions, wire posts, and indeed messages, should not be used to either solicit or pressure anyone into giving work to anyone else. To be honest, if I am too busy to answer a question, I wouldn't answer, but I would never offer the answer for money unless the person who asks the question proposes to give me a job to do for a payment. 

      Having said that, there are many members who think that they can get the world for free.. They actually expect you to drop everything you are doing and attend to their issues as if you are a hobbiest that has nothing to do but answer questions on Elgg.org. And that's fine, because all you have to do is not pay attention, but I can tell you now, there are also those who keep sending you private message after private message asking for help. To me, they are both equal in the degree of intrusion.. That is why I am a great supporter of the idea 'you must be someone's friend before they can message you.. if it was my call, I would take that 'Send message' link out of profiles in a heart beat.

      One other thing, and I think this should be contained in the wishlist rather than this post, members must have access to better terms of use, and even if the terms are there some where, they need to be more potent and obvious.. Someone ought to copy and paste them on a discussion and some how make that discussion sticky.

      And finally, many people want to do the right thing, I personally sent a message to one of the admin guys on elgg to clarify whether I can take a job offer through the community.. Never got an answer. I still did the job, I got paid too.. but even until now, I don't know if that was inline with the terms or not. Nevertheless, I was happy, the other user was happy and we both thanked elgg for the opportunity.



      Note: If you want a copy of this post, you can order one for $4.95.

      LOL.. just kidding.


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