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  • Thank you for your quick reply. Here's an example I'm looking for. Lets use the domain name freespeech.org  that is running a chat service. Each of my server names are subdomain names such as ch1, ch2, ch3 and ch4 the same as a mail... view reply
  • Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I looked at the multisite application and downloaded a copy of it. But as I get into it, I'm thinking all the elgg sub-sites are setup on one database instead of different servers. So I'm wanting to... view reply
  • Hi. My name is Dan. I'm new to elgg and have allot to learn. I want to build an elgg network with as many servers I can get my hands on running elgg. I want to connect my elgg servers together to run through one elgg interface similar to what...
    • I'm thinking all the elgg sub-sites are setup on one database instead of different servers

      You will have 1 admin DB and separate DBs for each your sub-domain (Elgg multisite works for sub-domains only).

      Read more: 1, 2, 3, 4

      Elgg also supports master/slave MySQL configurations.

      setup a group name with a server URL inside of the group name, that allows the client to move from one server to another, in one interface

      What you're asking is very close to the federated aka distributed network.

      This can be done with web services.

    • Thank you for your quick reply. Here's an example I'm looking for. Lets use the domain name freespeech.org  that is running a chat service. Each of my server names are subdomain names such as ch1, ch2, ch3 and ch4 the same as a mail server name is a subdomain name of mail.freespeech.org.  Lets say my company has 1,000 employees where once a month all of them can chat with the board of directors and the owner at the same time but each one of the chat servers can only handle 250 employees chatting with the boss. In order for the company to have all 1,000 employees chatting at the same time, it needs to add more server capacity to the chat services by adding three more servers, ie ch2, ch3, ch4 where server subdomain name of ch1 is the master chat service that runs the chat master database. Chat servers ch2, ch3, ch4 are integrated databases with server ch1. These are treated as independent slave databases connected to the master chat database on ch1 the master chat server but not a normal slave database which is nothing more than a copy of the  master database in traditional mysql terms. In my server network world, while running apache2,  if I have a server hosting one website on it, providing services to my customers that reaches it's maximum capacity of customers chatting on one server, I need the ability to add chatting server capacity by adding another server to the chat services ie server subdomain name ch2 that is integrated with master chat server ch1 where the master chat database services are located on.  

      Another example. I'm running ispconfig on a master server. I can set up many servers through a slave mysql database that is running on a slave server, where all slave services are  connected to the master database running on the master server that is hosting the ispconfig control panel . Each one of the server names are subdomain names to what ever domain name I choose to create. The only limit to the number of domain names are server capacity and the number of clients / customers who are expected to use each domain name being hosted. Each server is setup with it's own email and DNS slave services feeding into the master DNS and  master email / smtp servers. So I have one control panel managing five other servers and one workstation all at the same time where I control all slave databases, websites, DNS, email services.

      So what your telling me is that elgg can't do the same thing as ispconfig can do under one interface but with elgg services?

      So what do you do when you are running one elgg server for one domain name and your elgg server has attained it's maximum capacity and can't add more customers who want to use your elgg services to blog, chat and tweet with all their friends who are already using the one elgg server? If you cant add additional elgg databases running on more servers integrated with the master elgg database, then you have no choice but to have separate elgg websites on different servers, where friends can't use elgg services under one elgg interface like facebook does and can't communicate with each of their friends who are already on your elgg server through one interface. Do I have this right?

      Now here is what I'm looking at. I'm a member of one of America's largest motorcycle civil rights organization representing over 1.7 million active members of America's diverse motorcycle industries clubs, organizations etc. Many of these people are using Facebook and are sick of it. They want to move to another service that will not interfere with their constitutional rights and liberties like Facebook, Googles and YouTube do. I want to use elgg to provide them with the services they are wanting to use. Many of them already know I've been testing federated applications all through last year and told them I like elgg the best and want to use it for our services. I'm also a writer of books about constitutional liberties, abuse of governance and the press across America. I'm also writing two books, where one is about a 21st century version of intelligent design that is loosely based upon quantum string theory that I'm teaching it through an in depth comparative analysis of humanities ancient scriptures compared to the Urantia Book. I really don't have time to program elgg to do what I need it to do for the very large market segment across America that wants off Facebook, Googles and YouTube. Right now I'm using wordpress to handle the very large files of my lesson that averages 20 pages in length I write every week that elgg so far can't handle. So I'm not a programmer but a writer of English language words, articles and now two books. The other book is about a modern 21st century federal constitution that I've been writing for several years now and the other about Intelligent design, I've already discussed.  I'm also a computer network engineer but again not a programmer and frankly I don't have time for it. When I launch my none profit I.T. company and begin to make money, I'll will be donating money to the elgg foundation because I'm deploying elgg. I'm purposely deploying elgg to go up against Facebook, Googles with my own search server services and YouTube using elgg. So how about starting a new project. I'll help you make elgg number 1 across America and eventually around the world. 

      I thank all of you for creating and expanding elgg services.

      Be safe: Dan


    • I didn't say it was impossible.

      What you are talking about can be done using the built-in Elgg features.