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  • cofelice commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Jeroen,                    Looks like someone tried to mess with it and messed my test site up so i will have to figure out what happened.
  • cofelice commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Hello,                   I tried the plugin on my test site and have had no luck.  I am using Elgg 1.61 I must be doing something wrong of have some other widget messing it up.  When I...
  • cofelice added a new discussion topic Task Widget in the group Event calendar
    I noticed when I have the Task Widget enabled my event calender date picker is messed up.  when I disable the task widget the date picker on add event works fine.  anyone else see this glitch?
    • Ah!  Intersting, I use the Task plugin as well... and yes I have been struggling to get a pretty date picker... I have not tried diabling the tasks plugin, but I noticed that some themes can muck it up too... for some reason the datepicker view is being extended in a bad way, ot overwritten... it would be good to have a fix for this (a nice tidy small picker below the User Block would be my desire).

  • cofelice joined the group Event calendar
  • cofelice commented on the plugin CKEditor - Replaces TinyMCE
    I noticed if you put smiely faces on the blogs it does not show up on the main page.  The main page displays the actual HTML code of the smiley face.