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  • citella commented on the plugin Facebook Sync (Facebook Connect)
    i installed it on elgg 1.6 but in admin tools page, in fbconnect section i not have setting button, so i can't insert api and secret. Please help me. thanks  
  • citella commented on the plugin Facebook Connect V2
    I have installed this plugin on elgg 1.6, but in the admin tools page, i'm not seeing any settings to enter the api key/secret, for fbconnect plugin. Please help me.
  • citella commented on the plugin Likes (UPDATED)
    Good work Pedro. Very, very well. But we are waiting final version. :-) Thanks.  
  • citella commented on the plugin Likes (UPDATED)
    I do some modifications to this plugin, because it not work very well. When i click "I like" on one item, when the page refresh, the plugin shows me both, the voice unlike with thumb in up direction (this is already not consistent because i aspect...
  • citella commented on a page titled Tidypics with phototagging system (video and images)
    I try your plugin in elgg 1.6 and elgg 1.6.1 but it not work. If i replace default tidypics with this, i'm unable to view all photoalbum loaded before. Also i try to insert new photoalbum and after the first part(Title , description,tag ) the...
  • citella commented on the plugin Integrated Video gallery plugin (beta)
    In this mod ther's a bug, that not permit  mod to write on river(activity) when a user add a video. I solve the problem in this mode: Open file /videolist/views/default/river/object/videolist/create.php change this line:   ...