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  • chaggs commented on the plugin Login by email 0.2
    Hi Pedro, You are registering the action 'usersettings/save' and then saving email in 'actions/email/save.php'. I can see the only difference between your file and core 'email/save.php' is that you are checking 'allow_multiple_emails' for a user....
  • chaggs commented on the plugin Widgets Plus!
    Thanks for the excellent plugin. For me cloning of widgets for new users is not working. I tried my level best to debug it but failed to find the reason. I though it is some issue with 'create user' event and the widgets_plus_newuser in...
  • chaggs commented on the plugin Omni_Inviter for 1.7.1 1.0b4
    @marzoni @jaxcatz : The class names in latest version of OpenInviter are just 'gmail' and 'yahoo' & not 'gmail.plg' and 'yahoo.plg',  i.e class names are not ending in .plg. May be that was the case in earlier versions. To fix this, edit...