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  • captnbob added a new discussion topic Roate photos in using Tidypics in the group General Discussion
    All or most of my images that I upload are being rotated.  They are normal and straight when uploaded but when they appear on my site they are rotated 90deg.  This has just started and I have made no changes to the site. ...
    • Metadata (exif data) can contain information about image rotation. Nowadays, this often is the case with images made on mobile phones. If you watch the images on your computer or phone the program you use might display the image taking into account the rotation information but not changing it.

      During upload images with Tidypics the rotation information (if it exists) is used to rotate the image for real and save the image with correct orientation removing the rotation metadata. This way the images should be correctly displayed not only within browsers but also within programs not supporting any internal image orientation correction.

      I'm not aware that there's any bug with image rotation within Tidypics (i.e. it works for me as expected). May I ask that you might try do a bit of testing yourself to see if you see any pattern. Does it happen with all users or only with specfiic users? In the latter case what's different with them with regard to images uploaded from desktop computers or directly from phones? Do you have the option to remove exif data prior upload enabled (image orientation should be fixed nonetheless but maybe something fails there)? Can you check if exif data exists before you upload an image and what happens with images taken with different orientation (e.g. by rotation the phone)?

  • captnbob added a new discussion topic Fatal error in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I get a fatal error when I try to view "The Wire/all"  I am running Release - 2.3.15, Version - 2016092300.  I have loaded a recent backup and still get the same error   The site is The below is the...
    • I'm not sure but I believe I remember someone having the same or a very similar error only recently. In this case the error was causes by a 3rd party plugin, if I remember correctly (might have been some hype*** plugin). Have you tested what happens when you temporarily disable 3rd party plugins that might be responsible (e.g. adding any functionality to the wire or list pages in general)?

  • captnbob added a new discussion topic Login page in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have two site running ELGG and they both have a very similar problem.  If I do not login into the sites everyday they do not open with the theme's I use.  One opens to a blank white page the other reverts back to the generic ELGG...
  • captnbob commented on the plugin Liberation Theme
    Daniel, did you ever find a solution to your problem?  I am using this theme as well and have the same problem.  I have found where the theme redirects to mod/liberation.js/smoothscroll.js.  But I don't know if that is a needed...
  • captnbob commented on the plugin Imgur
    Do we have to obtain an Ingur Key to use this plugin?
  • captnbob commented on the plugin [1.8-2.0] Registration Terms
    I get the below error after uploading this plugin.   quote: This plugin is invalid: Its manifest contains an invalid dependency type "elgg_version".
  • captnbob commented on the plugin Easy Theme
    I too love this theme and sure hope it will be upgraded to work with 1.10 sometime soon.  Or give us an idea which files to change to make the upgrade. Thanks Bob
  • captnbob commented on the plugin twitter bootstrap theme
    Ray, I have already tried profile2 from github.  Although the avatar looks good on the profile page I can not rearrange any of the widgets on the page.  They are all lined up on the right side of the screen.  When I try to move them...