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  • cannieman replied on the discussion topic deactivated Aalborg theme ... Fatal Error
    Thanks iionly it was plug-in conflicts :) sorry to be slow for saying thanks  view reply
  • cannieman added a new discussion topic Archive files in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi - how can I easily archive old files? My host is great but expensive for storage. If I want to archive everything older than x weeks or months, is there a simple way to do this? Thanks :)
    • Sorry to say but I don't think there's any ready-to-use solution available for this.

      I came across the File Takeout plugin ( that would allow users to download their files. But it has been released for Elgg 1.9 and it might no longer fully work (or not work anymore at all) on more recent versions of Elgg. And it's not exactly what you are looking for anyway. Still, it might be possible to use this plugin as starting point to first update the code to work on Elgg 2.3 and then maybe restrict usage to admins only with allowing downloading all files of all users (maybe limited to files older than a certain time only). If this solution would be good might be another question as restoring any archived files (and the comments made to it) might be another requirement. Also deletion by date might not be the best (or only) filtering that would make sense as one single large video file only recently added might hurt much more than a 1000 images files with regards to disc space usage.

  • cannieman added a new discussion topic Sharing to Elgg from mobile in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to share easily and elegantly to my Elgg site from mobile. Most of my users are on iPhone, so could Siri Shortcuts be used? Idea is to create a shortcut that selects some photos, adds some text and then posts it....
  • cannieman added a new discussion topic deactivated Aalborg theme ... Fatal Error in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I was switching themes on my site. I deactivated Aalborg before activating the new theme. Now it's broke (fatal error) and I can't access the admin pages or even log in. Is it possible to re-activate Aalborg in a config file, in the database...
    • What exactly is the reason for the fatal error? Check the error log on your server (Apache and/or PHP error log) to find out. It should work with Aalborg plugin disabled as Elgg still has a default theme in core. Only if some 3rd party plugin on your site would require the Aalborg theme (and hasn't this requirement in its manifest.xml) it might result in a problem. But if you have no such plugin in use the fatal error might be caused by something else.

      If you have removed the Aalborg plugin folder from the mod directory but not disabled the plugin in the admin area first, it might be the reason for the problem. In this case just re-add the folder and the error should be gone. Then you could disable the Aalborg plugin in the plugin section on your site to use an alternative theme plugin then. If you have not removed the folder but disabled the plugin in the admin area only it might help to flush the site cache to get rid of the fatal error. As you seem unable to get into the site, you can try flushing the case by calling the upgrade script of Elgg (http(s)://YOUR.SITE.URL/upgrade.php) in the browser. This will flush the cache (not upgrading anything if you haven't installed a new Elgg version on the server). Or you could create a file in the mod folder that you name "disabled" (can be an empty file but the name must match). The presence of this file will prevent Elgg from loading any plugin. Then you should be able to log in again to your site and deavtivate any plugin for real (i.e. it will stay disabled after removing the "disabled" file again). If the error would be caused by some plugin (or Aalborg theme plugin), you could deactivate it to get rif of the error. But best would be to check the error log first to learn what exactly the problem is.

    • Thanks iionly

      it was plug-in conflicts :)

      sorry to be slow for saying thanks