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  • cadmeo commented on the plugin Auto Sitemap ( Dinamic SEO sitemap.xml generation)
    good, on my site I get:  This page contains the following errors: error on line 1 at column 74: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.   as I fix...
  • cadmeo commented on the plugin Blog Tools
    Good, very useful plugin. Sometimes leaves a question mark when I upload an image. What could it be? thanks
  • cadmeo commented on the plugin New Live Notifications Ajax
    good morning, very good plugin. used it perfectly, but I installed "river_comment" and stopped working. as I can make it work?thanks
  • cadmeo commented on the plugin Kestrel 1.8
    Staszek how to make all user activities appear on the wall? when a user joins a group, make a comment, create a page group or a group file does not appear in your wall, appears only in news. thanks
  • cadmeo commented on the plugin Kestrel 1.8
    Thank you. for the help with the post character limit. now need to be able to comment on the post. as I do?thanks
  • cadmeo commented on the plugin Kestrel 1.8
    Good day, very good theme.I have a difficulty. The user's wall post and group, when someone post something, if it is large, the theme short it by writting "..." and the rest of the text is missing. Perhaps it has a limit of characters, but it...
  • cadmeo added a new discussion topic Error en foto de perfil de grupo in the group Spanish Community Group
    Buenos dias, soy bastante nuevo en Elgg. por el momento me las vengo arreglando bien. pero me esta apareciendo un error que no se como solucionarlo. La foto de perfil de grupos aparece como si estuviese roto el link. estoy usando el tema Cool_theme....
  • cadmeo replied on the discussion topic ERROR EN GRUPO LA FOTO NO SE VE
    Buenos dias, a mi me esta pasando lo mismo con las fotos de perfil de grupo, veo que esto es viejo, pero tal vez alguien encontro una solucion,  gracias view reply


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