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  • bruno commented on the plugin Group Tools
    Hello Jerome I have installed your plugin on 1.8.3 and I am experiencing weird behavior 1) I have selected both "Allow group owner transfer"->site admins and group owners and "Allow multiple group admins" ->yes in the settings; 2) When I go...
  • bruno commented on the plugin Facebook Theme for Elgg 1.8
    Ran into a problem with closed groups: 1) If not logged in, I was able to see the wall contents of a closed group; 2) If logged in but not part of the group, got into an infinite redirect loop Fixed it using the following code for...
  • bruno commented on the plugin Elgg Mobile
    I am running into a similar problem (allowed memory size exhausted). It seems to be happening only on the "activity" page (the other pages are not giving me the same error). I have put your plugin at the top of the plugins list, deactivated my...


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