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  • Bogdan commented on the plugin Announcements
    Hi, new version of this plugin is available at
  • Bogdan commented on the plugin Friend_Invitation
    Hi, you can enter list of emails.  For example "" or "," and invitation will send for each email
  • Bogdan commented on the plugin Friend_Invitation
    Hi all,new verion of this plugin is available at
  • Bogdan commented on the plugin Online
    Hi all,new verion of this plugin is available at I changed layout and styles and I hope now it must working on all browsers.
  • Bogdan uploaded a new plugin: Newsletters
    • @Bogdan  it's working on 1.6.1

      Hope you will continue to develop this plugin.

      echo @trajan coments about having a "default" footer when there are no campaigns either as a feature of this plugin or via compat with customspotlight.

      Thanks again!

    • Just to alleviate any confusion that i seen above.

      PHPMailer is an existing PHP Library. Cash has created a plugin out of this that helps Elgg communicate with PHPMailer without any need for manual intervention.

      Elgg has an internal function called notify_user(). This function will go through all the notify methods available and inform the user.

      This plugin has a plugin setting to override the standard notification method, which is in plain text.

      This notify_user() method will end up calling the plugins own function called phpmailer_send().

      If you manually with to dispatch an email then you can call phpmailer_send() yourself. The function declaration for this is in main.php of the plugin.

      Thanks for this needed integration Cash, i couldn't be bothered writing yet another PHPMailer wrapper function.

      Paul Dragoonis.

    • what does selecting either active or inactive do? i'm trying to use this in 1.7.7 but it doesn't seem to work for me.  i wrote a newesletter, saved it, then went to manage campaigns,  selected a start and end time and date, sellected by internal message, and clicked saved. the message popped up saying the campaign was successful, but nothing is being sent out