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  • Bill Lahti replied on the discussion topic elgg from server to server
    In what way is your Elgg "not ok"? Is there any chance that you hve links in the new installation that point back to the old installation? That's the problem I had. See Help With Copying Elgg for a few more comments related to duplicating an... view reply
  • Bill Lahti replied on the discussion topic RSS not updating...
    I think there is a problem with how the RSS is being generated. I think the rss feed is using the time the information was created rather than the time the information was updated. That would explain why an RSS reader gets good information once and... view reply
  • Bill Lahti joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • I need to be able to implement 3 tiers of users in order to satisfy the UK governments requirements for nursery school intranet services. Basically I iknow a school that wants an internal facebook type of thing. Having built elgg sites before I...
    • So it's possible with a lot of work? Might be easier just to make all teachers admins? But that would result in chaos I am sure! :-)

      If we can make it compliant with the UK secondary school educational requirements I am sure it would boost the user base greatly. Espacially if there was a way to do this, essentially they need greater control over who can see what and edit what.

      How would I set about doing what you have suggested? I am a graphic designer so UI and front end is what I am trained for, but I am trying to get to grips with MySQL and PHP now.

      At the moment the govt want the schools to use Fronter which is a little heavy duty for what the schools need to acheive....


    • @DLRP
      I am not too familiar w/ (UK) BECTA, but will google and learn.
      I am located in the USA, 
      My interest in this BECTA ?
      Projects in UK related to school websites !
      We do have Admin, Teacher, Student  User levels...
      Feel welcome to send me private message if you'd like discuss more and exchange info, ideas, etc

    • @dlrp
      I wonder if there's a way to meet your requirement for  "three levels of access, Admin, Teacher and Pupil, each with the ability to do different things (edit areas etc.)" without having to extend Elgg at all.

      Would you consider using Groups as the way to control who sees what?  Let there be a set of groups for Admins only, a set for Teachers only, a set for Pupils only,  and whatever combinations you'd need. With by-invitation groups, group owners would decide who gets in a group.

      Admittedly, it could get to be quite a bit of administrative work for group owners, but it would keep people from seeing and/or modifying things they shouldn't be.

      And I guess it might be a problem that students could form their own groups and keep people out. That might worry adults, who wouldn't be able to monitor what's going on in the groups.

  • Bill Lahti replied on the discussion topic Help with copying elgg in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hey everyone, I'm using elgg for classroom work, but I want three seperate iterations for the three classes I'll be teaching.  I set up elgg how I wanted it, and then copied it to two separate folders (ModelUN was the original, and then copied...
    • I recently duplicated an installation following those instructions.  Very well written.

      One thing you don't want to miss: "One advantage of modifying the dump file is that you can also change links that people have created to content within your site."  I took the MySql dump file and used my editor to change all the links that were embedded in the data.  That was a big worry I had about relocating.

    • If you're using cpanel, they have phpmyadmin installed. If not then download xampp which ships with phpmyadmin, on to the point! You will need to go into your ModelUN2's database and go into the table called datalists. Edit the datas in path and dataroot fields so they will be pointed to the appropriate Elgg folders.

      Use the same steps for the third installation.

    • @Bill

      Handy to have global access thay way, isn't it ? ;-) I've used the sqldump file in the past and happened to some plugins creating data with old domain name in diffrent tables ;-( but the dump caught it ;-)