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  • commented on the plugin AU Sets (Pinboards)
    Aha! Well thank you for that, now I see how it works. The difficulty however (and I'm sure I'm not the only person confused by this), is that an article "description" does not generally refer to the content of...
  • commented on the plugin AU Sets (Pinboards)
    I must not have been clear enough in my description. I do not have any issue with the widget vs display mode. Once I enter my content and click Save, I cannot see any of the article content. All I can see are the widgets - NO POST that is...
  • commented on the plugin AU Sets (Pinboards)
    I really don't understand this. I'm using Elgg 1.12. Posting my content works fine, then I pick the widget layout. But once I click Save, all I see are the widgets I dragged into place. It says Im looking at the widget view, so I click...