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  • armani added a new discussion topic Making comments private in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Is there any way the comments to the blogs, files etc can be made private ?
    • Typically comments (and other annotations) inherit the access level of the entity they are attached to.

      However, annotations do have their own access IDs, so yes, in theory, they could be set to a different access level (you would probably need to write a plugin to do this).

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  • armani added a new discussion topic Response to inbox in the group Form and related plugins
    Is there anyway we can have the member responses to the created form content be sent to inbox of the content creator ?
    • No. There is an email option, however. See the README.txt.

    • I need some help. Im trying to get the profile nagger in my header_contents file. I cut and paste teh code from the widgets view page and it keeps saying 0% although the widget works perfectly. I just cut and paste the code as i did not see anything special in start.php

      Can u help me please. Code below


      if (isloggedin()) {
              $isPgOwner = (page_owner() == $_SESSION['user']->getGUID());
          $img_src = $vars['url'] . "mod/profile_nagger/graphics/nagger.gif";
          if ($vars['full'] == true)
              if (is_array($vars['config']->profile) && sizeof($vars['config']->profile) > 0) {
                  $profile = $vars['config']->profile;
                  $field_count = count($profile); //total fields
                  $fields_completed = 0; //completed fields
                  foreach($profile as $shortname => $valtype) {
                      //check that each profile field has a value,
                      //add to the number completed when they do.
                      $value = $vars['user']->$shortname;
                      if (!empty($value)) {
                          $fields_completed += 1;
                  //arrive at percentage complete
                  $percent_complete = round(100 / ($field_count / $fields_completed));           
      <div id="progress_indicator">
              if ($isPgOwner)
                  echo "Your profile is " . $percent_complete . "% complete.";
              } else {
                  echo $vars['entity']->name . "'s profile is " . $percent_complete . "% complete.";
          <div id="progressBarContainer">
              <img src="<?php echo $img_src; ?>" width="<?php echo $percent_complete; ?>%" height="11px">
              if (($isPgOwner) && ($percent_complete < 100)) {
                  echo "<p>Please complete your profile.</p>";   


    • M.C.Sajiv,

      This group is about the form and related plugins. Your issue seems to be completely unrelated. Can I suggest respectfully that you post this question in some more relevant place rather than hijacking an unrelated thread?

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