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Elgg Sites

  • Synapse Sitters

    Synapse Sitters

    We developed a soup-to-nuts SaaS platform that connects vetted special needs caregivers with the parents of special needs children. The platform provides automated background and employment checks and creates a marketplace for caregivers to promote...
  • Civ.Works


    Civ.Works is a custom civil engagement tool /political action network / progressive collective. It empowers you to find, discuss and take action on the issues most important to you. The platform provides guidance on how to make tangible moves...
  • ScienceVine - STEM Literacy Tool

    ScienceVine - STEM Literacy Tool

    ScienceVine is a digital science literacy tool, created to explore the potential for self-measured scientific experimentation and learning. The platform allows users to apply scientific methodologies to everyday projects in a gamified...
  • CollegeScript


    CollegeScript is a new startup focused on creating a secure, private environment for college students to share and learning in an education environment. The CollegeScript Elgg application allows students to manage their class schedules with an...
  • Executive Networks ENsight

    Executive Networks ENsight

    Challenge: Develop a cutting-edge platform to be used by Executive Network's service staff as their primary tool for customer information and "matching" research. The platform is intended to streamline EN's relationship...

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