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  • aqge commented on the plugin Ggames
    @RPGRealms: thanks the info, george do we need to edit this line: start.php : 25 register_action('Ggames/gplay', false, '/var/www/');   this great mod, simple to understand, thank you very...
  • aqge commented on the plugin Ggames
    hey ... it needs facebook account to play... how can we register to it?
  • aqge commented on the plugin Request Notifications
    nothing shows up on the request notificatio widgets, i try to add friend several times and check on the others user ( requested ) but nothing shows up. is there any code should i add previous ly?
  • aqge commented on the plugin Riverdashboard with User Menu
    i have the same problem with ralph,but only when i write the wire on the riverdashboard, bellow the use menu
  • aqge replied on the discussion topic Helloworld Tutorial
    ooo my god.... Some one should told me about these... How Stupid i m, Thank alot trajan.... view reply
  • aqge replied on the discussion topic Helloworld Tutorial
    if this what you mean //edit.php <p>Message: <?php     echo elgg_view('input/text', array( 'internalname' => 'params[message]',... view reply
  • aqge added a new discussion topic Help On Helloworld tutorial in the group Plugin Development
    Hello Guys I've been trying this tutorial for 3 days over an over, and just can't understand what the mitake is? is any one hab the same problem before. dear Trajan, thanks alot this is what i ve done, just exactly what the tutorial ask me...
    • @aqge - no need to post the message twice. :-) check the other discussion topic and you will find the answer. :-)

      When you view your site (dashboard or profile) every widget has a live-edit section. You can find the link to it in the titlebar of the widget on the right-hand-side. The edit window that appears controls the output of the widget. Basically you can decide what you or other users can see in the widget. 

      Good luck and welcome to elgg!

    • sorry about That trajan, i thought different group would have different visitor....

      wont happen again..

  • aqge joined the group Plugin Development