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  • Beginning Developers

    Beginning Developers

    This space is for newcomers, who wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to their liking


  • Adubey commented on the plugin Menu Builder
    @Jeroen .. ty that worked.. im struggling with php but i love it and will keep at it. ty.
  • Adubey commented on the plugin Homepage CMS
    Hello there .. Ty for the great plugin. How can i keep the widget styling on the free Html widgets for non-admin users. In other words , i want to free html widgets to look like regular widgets for non-admin users. The "Hide Header" option is not...
  • Adubey commented on the plugin Menu Builder
    Is there anyway to return the userid instead of the username with [username]? i have tried replacing: $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity() with $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid() in start.php but it does not return anything. thank you
  • Adubey joined the group Beginning Developers