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  • anaventura added a new discussion topic are cloud servers better for large Elgg communities?... in the group Elgg Technical Support
    On another thread member 'cim' posted this . can anyone provide some more insight on why going with cloud servers for hosting Elgg? 'cloud computing' is still very 'nebulous' to me... thanks in advance! Ana the post was in response to someone...
    • @elHayze


      Are you speaking from your experience or research ?

      Yes, technically "Cloud Computing" has much to offer. Since the mid-1990's there have been cloud-oriented networking (e.g. academic instituions asking ordinary users to allow their home PCs to be networked into a super-cloud to enable each home PC to contribute 10% of their horse-power towards a mega-powered-cloud). Nowe *that was true Cloud computing raw-power. The current commercial offerings at the moment do not live up the truism of the promise.

      Most ISPs are merely souping-up their "shared" plans, most likely using load-balancers.. and then call their pkgs "Cloud", but in reality they're not for real.

      For now.. my "Cloud" consists of 3 dedicated boxes (mix of Linux & Windows S/W), I'm quite happy so far to maintain those 16 hours per day ;-). If my "cloud" needs more power -- I'll most likely just go and but yet another linux box and... image-server, load website code, data, DB to /vhosts and let's rockNroll ;-)

    • @Dhrup I noted the cloud server hosting statement from Cim, which is true just a highlevel vps.  Not the cloud computing.  I thought it will clear Ana's question. 

      Btw, I sent you an email about the hosting ;-)

    • @ElH

      ;-) I'm just making academic statements re: "Cloud". I have no real life experience with the current crop of commercial offerings, though I'm tempted to try out Amazon's EC2 because there has been some positive comments re: Amazon/EC2 here @ Elgg Comm. That said.. I do know what I expect from "Clouds". Ergo I said Rack's "Cloud" **is laughable. 1&1's "Cloud" is laughable. Amazon most likely comes close enough. I'm *not quite promoting them, but they *seem to measure up to the specs.

      I will be respomding to yr EMail sometime soon-ish..

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  • anaventura added a new discussion topic NI LF estimates for Elgg projects in the group Professional Services
    HI I need a ballpark # for an Elgg project. It's a *very* academic community where I anticipate the profiles will be mostly for 'political' reasons and most activity will be pulling files from resources. However the possbility of any member...
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