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    Embed/Upload media in all posts[blog,forum,comments] is not working for me.Upload media working fine,but when i click on  Embed media a Dropdown menu "All"appears.I can't see any blank field where i can add embed code.Help plz!
    • While the embed plugin works for graphics I have the same issue as Trajan - I only get a link when embedding and mp3. Is this what is SUPPOSED to happen? I hope it isn't as I really want to be able to embed an mp3 played into blog posts and pages. If this is the current default behaviour (i.e. just embeds a link) then does anyone have a way of doing what I want.

      I've tried aaudio and this works for a playlist in the profile and dashboard but I want to embed in the blog itself.

      I know the last post to this was 101 days ago (!) but I's still like a solution! (egg v1.6.1)

    • There is a problem with Firefox using the wrong mime type wheb I upload an mp3 (created in Audacity) - it seems to use audio/mpg and not audio/mpeg. Uploading via Safari (and I suspect IE) the audio player will appear in the files area (it wasn't before) but I still ONLY have a link in a blog post ater using embed.

    • FIX for MIME issue in files list

      Some mp3 files are uploaded (this may be a Firefox only problem) with the wrong MIME type - "audio/mpg" instead of "audio/mpeg". This means that the audio player is not displayed when the file is listed.

      This can be fixed by hacking the mime type on listing in the file


      At about line 23 under the line "$mime=$file->mimetype;" add

          if ( strcmp($mime,"audio/mpg") == 0) {
              $mime = "audio/mpeg";

      Now the audio player should appear if the files mime type is either of these.

      I still want to embed the audio file in a blog post though....

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