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  • abbn90 added a new discussion topic question about groups ? in the group General Discussion
    hi guys , i am new to elgg and i was really hoping that you'll point me to the right direction. i was wondering if there is  a plugin for groups which can display posts  in order of how many likes they got. thank you  .
    • As far as I know, there is no plugin for that. You can use this function to rank (blogs in this case) based on the number of likes.

      function blog_get_page_content_popular($guid = NULL) {

      $return = array();

      $options = array(
              'types' => 'object',
              'subtypes' => 'blog',
              'limit' => 10,
              'offset' => $offset,
              'full_view' => false,
              'pagination' => TRUE,
              'annotation_names' => 'likes',
              'annotation_values' => 'likes',
              'order_by' => 'annotation_calculation desc',
              'calculation' => 'count',

      $list = elgg_list_entities_from_annotation_calculation($options);

    • thank you for the answer 



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