About me: Elgg Fan. My web, with more than 7K users, is open to test any new Elgg development. My users are friends... and very patient! :)


  • Wogker added a new discussion topic Maintenance Application in the group Professional Services
    I have an Elgg community for more than two years ago with 10,000 users. My level of satisfaction is high but I need to develop some applications maintenance to optimize current performance. I think the main Elgg is its lack of maintenance tools....
  • Wogker added a new discussion topic Elgg in Reddit in the group General Discussion
    I was surprised to see that Elgg is not present on Reddit. I created a channel for this community and leave available to administrators ...  http://www.reddit.com/r/elgg/
  • Wogker commented on the plugin share river
    Blog, Bookmarks, Discussion, Pages, File, Polls, Photos, Videolist. Thanks! In my river are included Reddit, Pinterest and Flipboard but ONLY in the "rivers". I am not a expert code and the "events" dosent work,...
  • Wogker commented on the plugin share river
    Hi StahisKumar. Its a good work, runs fine in my site. I tested your code and almost is prepared to include the icons in all "events", why not?
  • Wogker added a new discussion topic An Image, by default in the group Feedback and Planning
    A proposal for the future Elgg. I think this CMS lacks a little more visual concept and I think it would be optimal for all different components incorporate an image like a default field: blogs (now with Blogs_Tools), discussions, files, bookmarks,...

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