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  • Tom replied on the discussion topic New Elgg Cover Photo Plugin ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    @worldopensources, It has been a while since i worked on  Elgg Cover Photo plugin code. It was a good idea to help elgg developers and site owners to provide enhanced tools for Elgg sites just as I have written in the post above. I could look... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic A Simple Change to Increase Donations to Elgg Project
    @rjcalifornia ,  You are 100 percent right. you are  raised important points to be considered. Elgg has a great potential to grow or power most of the online application. The only thing that is lacking is the a little spark... to ignite... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic A final farewell
    @ihayredinov, As you go remember! We are your best friends who pushed you to extreme limits! We brought the good and the bad out of you! We made you scream, lough, cry, smile, and yes --- sometimes you felt like punching your computer screen or... view reply
  • Tom commented on the plugin Facebook Home page (when logged out)
    @MyHoTFB.COM ®, The sex gender  function was designed to give Elgg users more options when signing up in those good old days --- way before even Facebook thought about including other sex types on their index and profiles. function...
  • Thank you RvR , In addition, here are the files that Pascal need to edit. It has been a while since i worked at this plugin. From memory I will try to help you to locate where the language files are. Hopefully one of "these days" I will be... view reply

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