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  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Moving From OxWall And Other Questions
    @ Slen Dot Net , Welcome home from Oxwall land. Here in the community you can search for community plugins and look for plugins that can accomplish your goal and if you can not find one, then with the help of the community you can seek for help and... view reply
  • Tom added a new discussion topic Healthy Elgg Developers and Entrepreneurship Spirit in the group General Discussion
    I am a developer and I would like to give an advice or a suggestion to the past, current,and future Elgg developers. A study by psychiatrist Dr. Michael Freeman  has linked the relationship between software developers, entrepreneurship, and...
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Issue with extend a view in the page context
    A few weeks ago i wrote here in the community on " I quit the core team, here is why," disscusion. "As a plugin developer, I have developed several plugins for fun and most for my clients. Time and Time again, especially when developing a... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic the idea of changing the licensing options for elgg
    @TSZ_2015, XenForo License $140*. Includes 12 months of ticket support and upgrades. Support and upgrade access can currently be extended for... If that is what you want elgg license to sound or look like then I can surely say that that elgg will... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic I quit the core team, here is why
    @   Ismayil Khayredinov , Thanks for being honest with the community members about the issues that you have experienced with the Elgg project. There are many reasons why Elgg project is going through these challenges. As a developer, I... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic google fred update why now
    It seems that Fred is a link quality algorithm update, which means that the Fred algorithm measures a site according to the other sites that are pointing links back to it. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the damages to your site's... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic How to add Google ads in your site Please advise me
    @ Abdulaziz , I have a plugin that can make things easier for you but it works with Elgg 1.9 version and Elgg 1.8 versions. I have not tested my ads plugin with the latest version due to my tight work schedule. The only problem I can not upload it... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Advertising plugin
    @PeterB , Thanks for your concern. It has been a while since i worked on that plugin due to change in my work schedule. I will update it soon to work with elgg 2.3 versions. However, You can look and see how the HTML have been used on the elgg... view reply

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