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  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Amazon has launched Spark, a social network for its shoppers
    @ Ismayil Khayredinov, when I was reading your past post suggestion concerning "JS boilerplate and spaghetti code we have to write to achieve simple AJAXification" I was surprised that most of the community members sited time has an... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Amazon has launched Spark, a social network for its shoppers
    @ Ismayil Khayredinov, I understand your frustrations with Elgg lagging behind when it comes to best practices. You have contributed a lot of work to Elgg core and even several plugins development. The truth is, several goals that have been set... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Amazon has launched Spark, a social network for its shoppers
    @ Ismayil Khayredinov, Thanks for your input. I shared my thought so that the Elgg community members can think on how they can help or do more to help build Elgg to serve more online communities than it does at the moment. I also know that at... view reply
  • Tom added a new discussion topic Amazon has launched Spark, a social network for its shoppers in the group General Discussion
    Amazon is getting into the social media fight, but this network is more about shopping than sharing pictures of your dogs, cats, kids, latest vacation you visited, trendy restaurant or latest meal. Amazon Spark, is a social network for Amazon...
    • Hello guys nice discussion on how to move elgg forward..
      I would love to ask some questions based on this discussion... Thanks

      Question 1:
      "because there are superior suites, like Laravel"
      Is laravel better than elgg?..cos I do brag about elgg being better than laravel with my friends.

      Question 2:
      " Elgg is great for testing ideas and working with small budgets"
      Is elgg no longer suitable or great for building large communities or enterprise startup communities?

    • 1) Laravel comes barebones, so Elgg wins in terms of how much functionality you can get out of it by installing a bunch of plugins. Laravel wins in terms of its architecture and mindset that allows you to build high class large scale apps. Testability of Laravel apps is much higher, so I think it beats Elgg in terms of long-term maintenance and growth burden. But in reality Elgg can be a Laravel app, ultimately Laravel is a set of tools, so we could throw away all the wheels that Elgg has reinvented and use Laravel as a foundation. Once I am more comfortable with Laravel I'd like to try and put Elgg on top of it.
      2) Sure you can. It depends on your needs. We still use Elgg a lot, but Laravel might be more suitable for custom projects. The amount of work that goes into customising Elgg, dealing with third-party plugins, corky UI, expensive database queries sometime outweighs the effort that would go into building a Laravel app from scratch.

    • I appreciate the Elgg cheerleading and putting thought into this!

      I think we have to consider what unique value Elgg brings to the table, and whether or not we would be better off in a world where Elgg were a set of APIs/features within another ecosystem. To attract devs a system must have either a great developer experience (Laravel/Symfony) or an undeniably rich featureset (Drupal) or community (WordPress). Elgg is lacking all three.

      Drupal is really Elgg's big sister, built with the same everything-is-hookable/plugins-working-together spirit, and already has so many CMS features Elgg users want: Web-configurable Views, Panels, Paragraphs, Rules, Taxonomy, roles, workflows. For entities: custom ordering, URL paths, revisions, translations. And Elgg could benefit from its fragment caching, CDN support, and efficient DB structures.

      But that cost: Drupal's APIs and coding conventions are arguably worse than Elgg's (some notable exceptions, like forms) and it's a behemoth out of the box.

      The big features of Laravel I think are its docs, and Laracasts. I think Symfony can do all the same, but I feel like I'd do more digging. Symfony 4 is around the corner. As we stew on this it'll be interesting to see what changes in the Symfony world.

  • Tom replied on the discussion topic Measure the load added by a plugin
    If you are using a shared hosting servers to host your Elgg website, and your website is put on a server with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of other websites, you will have issues with performance because some websites might not use properly... view reply
  • Tom replied on the discussion topic I quit the core team, here is why
    @Michele, you are 100 % right on the theme part. Nowadays both developers and site owners are working on a tight budget and developers are working on tight time schedule. Wordpress has scored well when it comes to designing themes. The best way... view reply
  • @ura soul, lol. You are absolutely right in your analysis about money or currencies and many other topics you have raised before and even today. Old and new Elgg developers and designers should not wait for 'celebrities' to come a long and... view reply
  • I understand that Steem blockchain (Monetary system) has two tokens: Steem Dollars and Steem as a form of money system. When Steem started in earlier days (March 2016), it began using a highly inflationary supply model monetary system. They paid... view reply

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