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  • Bonjour à toutes et tous, Je souhaite créer un réseau social destiné aux personnes - atteintes comme moi - d'une algie périnéale ou d'une névralgie pudendale, d'où le nom du site...
    • Learn docs how to do it.

      Also, Florian DANIEL aka Facyla is created some docs on the french. Perhaps, you can find some usefull information in there.

    • Thank you RvR , In addition, here are the files that Pascal need to edit. It has been a while since i worked at this plugin. From memory I will try to help you to locate where the language files are. Hopefully one of "these days" I will be able to move all language strings to one file for easier maintenance.

      First look for this files and make any changes from English to French.



      Then,  make a file called  fr.php  inside language file like this.


      Next copy all of the contents from the file called en.php into fr.php


       * User details
      return array(
          'register:password' => "Enter a combination of at least six numbers,letters (like ! and $).",      
          'register:passwordagain' => "Please Re-enter your Password Again",
          'name' => "Display Name",
          'email' => "Email Address",
          'register:email:address' => "You'll use this email to log in and to reset your password",
          'register:username' => "Please enter your New Username: You'll use it to log in",

      Finally edit your fr.php with french language for your users.

      Here is an example how the above English file should be translated:


       * French
      return array(
          'register:password' => "Mot de passe",      
          'register:passwordagain' => "Mot de passe (confirmation)",
          'name' => "Nom affiché",
          'email' => "Adresse email",
          'register:email:address' => "Adresse email",
          'register:username' => "Identifiant",

      I hope this will  help you started in the right direction...

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