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  • RuTe replied on the discussion topic Version 0.6 released in the group Plugin Development
    This version fixes the jQuery incompatibility problem (you should now be able to drag and drop categories in Vanilla). It adds a widget and a latest discussion view. It also changes the way user icons are managed so that Elgg users who login using...
    • Hi Kevin,

      I've installed the plugin it was working ok. After i change the theme, te elgg toolbar in vanilla forum is missing and i can't see it any more. I back to the previous template and nothing happend.

      Any idea?


    • Hi Kevin,

      I've installed the plugin, it was working ok, but when I use the forum with an other user, not admin, the comment save with the admin name...



    • RuTe: in the theme that you are using, try deleting the files, head.php and menu.php

  • RuTe joined the group Plugin Development