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  • Ray J added a new discussion topic Time to say goodbye in the group Plugin Development
    Dear Friends, my life changed a lot in the last year, since I turned CIO in a financial company. I know that I have a few plugins that makes the difference in ELGG sites, so I make a decision: All my plugin repository in ELGG´s community will be...
    • There is time for everything and everything happens for a reason; In life there is a time to cry, a time to lough, a time to play, a time to write codes, a time to debug codes, a time to sleep and oh! a time to Say Goodbye…. It has been nice to be part of our lives and for sure, you were meant to be here.  You have affected our lives in some profound and powerful ways.

      As you continue with your life journey, even though life is not a flat, smooth paved, comfortable, straight road; may you realize your potential and increase in wisdom, strength, will power and may your heart continue to bless others.  We appreciated every moment that you had with us and we wish you all the best in your endeavors as well as success in any struggles in your future chores. 

      Last but not least, always have a positive spirit and never forget to get back once in a while just to see how we are doing.

      Good Luck.

    • Congrats on landing the position. All the best.

    • @ray J have fun .. elgg is always open .. you can come any time :P

  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic ecml and embed_extender... embedding videos
    The regex needs to support both http and https. I am VERY busy right now, but I will contact Matt to ask for some help. Feel glad to know that my old plugin is still in use. view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic Where is DhrupDeScoop ??
    Ron, I shared the message because my english is a crap. He told about retirement, but I didnt know the correct words to explain that. Well, if it is true, rest in peace, friend. Dhrup helped me a lot about ELGG, and never asked for nothing. And he... view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic Where is DhrupDeScoop ??
    Found a private message from him. 134 days ago. (May) "BTWi not publicized thisbut i had 3/4 serious health issues last 2 months back !;X2 weeks in Hosp + 2 weeks in nursing facilityso cutting down drastically on *all workthough can still code like... view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic Where is DhrupDeScoop ??
    @Matt, I talked with dhrup in May, 1. And he said that the governemenrt was paying his bills. (In Brazil we call this "aposentadoria". Something like "retirement"). Is he dead? Sad, very sad here. :( view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic Let us make an openinviter plugin
    My version will be updated and the code is very simple and reliable. I am out of time, but I will update my site to 1.8, so I will update the plugin. Sorry for the late, guys. Busy here. A lot. view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic Spammers Conflict With a Start-Up Site
    @RJ, I must say that Matt is doin a terrific job. The latest two versions was almost done by him. But thanks for the feedback. I need time to improve the plugin more and more, and I have a head full of ideas. view reply
  • Ray J replied on the discussion topic what's happening with Elgg 1.9?
    Ed, ELGG is maintained by a small team around the world. But everyone can contribute. You can develop, you can give support, you can give feedback and create documentations. About 50% of the efforts in ELGG doesn't need technical skills. Opening a... view reply

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