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  • Philosofree replied on the discussion topic Help please re subgroups - au_subgroups plugin
    Hi everyone, I have discovered my own answer! In fact the au_subgroups plugin has been updated by Matt to a new version which when downloaded  from githubworks just fine. Thanks Matt and Iionly view reply
  • Philosofree added a new discussion topic Help please re subgroups - au_subgroups plugin in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have the latest Elgg version, and latest versions of groups, group_tools and au-subgroups 2.1.0. Most of the plugin functionality works well. However when I try to transfer a group to be a sub-group of another existing group, I get the...
    • Kia ora Don

      Hey! Great that you're using elgg in NZ. We're using it extensively in our NGO in Taranaki. It's brilliant. AU Subgroups is the puppy for what you're after, and works more or less perfectly (aside from the hiccups detailed above). What are you using elgg for?
      Nga mihi nui, Jamie

    • Kia Ora. I have been playing with Elgg since it was v0.9 - just because it is interesting. Our local community network showed some interest but wound up just going back to Joomla. 

      I have been interested in doing something with it for ages - but has yet to pan out. EG - mentioned it to my son's cricket club, but they thought Criqhq could do it all ... well, how'd that work out? (

      Also my other son's playcentre was interested  - but the national playcentre association hired some big wig developers to provide a 'solution' .... which we have yet to see.

      Anyway - I deleted my old install when tidying up the server and now putting it on again - see if I can interest the playcentre again. 

      Basic problem is that I like playing with the software a lot more than I like trying to sell the idea to people :-)

      ANyway - when I get it going, how about I set up a group for NZ elgg admins :-)


    • Kia ora dear Don

      Interesting! We use it extensively and find it invaluable for our team. I'm interested in the group idea for discussion. Whereabouts are you based?
      Cheers, Jamie

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  • Philosofree commented on the plugin au_subgroups for 1.9
    Thanks, but the 1.6 version had the same problem and I upgraded to the new one for that reason, same issue.   I have au_subgroups at the bottom of my plugin list, and it still doesnt work! any other ideas? thanks PHIL
  • Philosofree commented on the plugin au_subgroups for 1.9
    AU_SUBGROUPS plugin When I try to attach a group to an existing subgroup, this is the error I get. Can anyone explain how to fix this? thanks Phil
  • thanks Ismayil If I chose to do this a different way, say by implementing sub-groups and limiting access to a specific group instead of a domain, would that work? Are you interested in helping if I did this?  I cannot find anyone... view reply
  • Philosofree commented on the plugin AU Subgroups
    Further info, When I try to transfer it says that au_subgroups/transfer.php is not defined in the system. What am I doing wrong?
  • Philosofree commented on the plugin AU Subgroups
    Hi @Matt, I am trying to make a group a subgroup of another existing group, but have been unable to do so. I am currently going  1 edit group 2 other options 3 make this group a subgroup of another group 4 selecting the other...