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    This space is for newcomers, who wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to their liking


  • Noisebreath added a new discussion topic performance issues list in the group Performance and Scalability
    Hi a few days ago i found a page where someone listed a couple of things to regard when working with/ developing plugins for elgg. Unfortunately ive lost thist page.. :( Does anybody know what the page was? thx noise
  • Noisebreath added a new discussion topic 'create a new group' action in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi i am desperately trying to find the action that is bound to the "Create a new group" button of the group plugin. I am new in elgg and would have expected that he goes into an add.php defined in that plugin. but i see there is no such file and...
    • Check out the files in  mod/groups/actions directory for 1.7 and mod/groups/actions/groups/ for 1.8. Another way of finding the action name is to look at the add a group page's HTML and find the form action. You can then find the action file by using the inspect option on the developer's plugin or manually looking for elgg_register_action() like you did.

      Actions are sometimes reused, so in this case the "edit" action is the one doing the saving for new groups, too.

      FYI: In most of 1.8's plugins the action for both add and edit is called "save." Looks like groups didn't get this change for some reason.


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