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About me: I am the founder and operator of Eskimo North, an ISP focused on hosting Linux applications and shell accounts which started as a BBS in 1982.

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  • Robert Dinse added a new discussion topic Friending in the group Elgg Technical Support
         Went to add someone as a friend today and got a bad error (below).  I'm new to elgg and don't have a clue as to where to start troubleshooting this.   Fatal Error. Class...
    • Not sure if I can help you here. It seems there's a plugin at that would provide the hypeJunction\Access\Collection class. But the available releases of this plugin are for Elgg 1.11/1.12, so it might no longer be required on Elgg 2.x (maybe the functionality is provided by another plugin by now).

      Are you getting the error on every message you are trying to send or only when friending? Is the friending functionality connected with a message sending option on your site (by default it isn't so I wonder if you use some 3rd party plugin that adds some functionality to send a message together with a friend request)? If you are using some other plugin for friending, there might be a conflict with this plugin in connection with the hypeAttachments plugin. I don't use this plugin myself - actually I have problems understanding how the hypeAttachments plugin is even supposed to work exactly (maybe some additional plugin are required I have not yet discovered).

      If you can reproduce the error and it's connected with hypeAttachments (and you don't want to stop using this plugin), you might want to report an issue at and you maybe get some support by the developer of the hypeAttachments plugin or at least some hint what you might need to do to prevent the error from occuring.

    • acl_builder_api is no longer a plugin but a composer dependency and should be in the dist package of hypeAttachments or hypeInbox. If not, please report on github

  • Robert Dinse replied on the discussion topic GDPR Compliance Plugin for Elgg?
    I've installed this plugin but the list of accepted and unaccepted users is blank even though I've created a test account and accepted, and I have the account removal button selected and the necessary plugin installed and that also is not... view reply
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  • I am new to ELGG though I've got a fair amount of experience with some other CMS's so the concepts are not totally foreign to me but I wanted to build a social networking site and ELGG seemed to be a good set of tinker toys with many of the...
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  • Robert Dinse replied on the discussion topic Timeline
    The very first line in the install instructions failed as follows: php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');" PHP Fatal error:  sodium_init() in Unknown on line 0 PHP Warning: ... view reply
  • Robert Dinse replied on the discussion topic Timeline
    Incidentally, I did find the github approach very easy as to install a plugin all I have to do is, as user elgg, the UID I have it running under, cd /var/www/html/mod;git clone (clone URL).  No need to unzip, mess with ftp, etc. view reply