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  • Tim commented on the plugin Rivertalk
    I also added access option and option to post rivertalk to any group directly from main activity page. That's was extremly easy by setting value of container_guid. Is there a way to make addressed rivertalk to user in easy way?
  • Tim commented on the plugin Rivertalk
    What is "rivertalk:inbox" and "rivertalk:shared" in translation? If it is "userwall" rivertalks it's awsome, i can't wait when it comes. It would great replacement to poor messageboard in which user's can't even comment anything. May be...
  • Tim commented on the plugin File Tools
    When i upload photos by this plugin it not recognizes them as a "photos" and as a result don't create thumbnails and don't display them when i use filter "Display photos" at the all files pages. Where i need to put a fix?
  • Tim commented on the plugin Profile Manager
    Love this plugin. But one thing is not suitable for me. Accordion is not handy for big categories, "just collapsible" (not an accordion style) would be a nice option.
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  • Tim commented on the plugin AU Subgroups
    Very useful for me as I use groups to manage content instead of tags.  (Hate tags). Now i am working on an exnetion for posting to different groups directly from the activity page and handy filtering of groups that display in the...