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  • OregonMike added a new discussion topic log rotate not working. in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I have the log rotate frequency set to weekly. But when I use the log browser, it looks like the log goes back many many months. If my understanding is correct, I should see archive files in the directory but at most log entries going back a week...
    • The logrotate plugin is an Elgg core plugin. So, you won't find it here in the plugin repository. But when you use the latest Elgg release, you have the latest version of the logrotate plugin, too.

      Is your weekly cronjob set up and running? If in doubt, you can use the Croncheck plugin to monitor the cronjobs: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/484590/2.0.1/croncheck. After activating the croncheck plugin you will see when the different cronjobs were running last - starting from the time you activated the croncheck plugin, so it could take up to 1 week until you know if the weekly cronjob is running or not. But if you see the other cronjobs with shorter intervals getting executed, it's an indication that the cronjobs are likely to run. If you already see that the 1 minute cronjob is not running, it's quite likely that the weekly cronjob won't run either. Check the crondaemon config then. Are the Elgg cronjobs defined?

      You can also execute the weekly cronjob manually by calling http://<yoursite.url/cron/weekly. Then you also see the cronjob output on screen. Though it might take a while for the job to finish if it really hasn't run for months.

      The archived logs are not to be found in the logrotate plugin folder. There is only a new table created in your database with the archived log entries (elggsystem_log_<timestamp>). These tables will get removed from the database again if they are older than the time set up in the logrotate plugin settings for keeping of archived logs. Well, actually there seems a bug with deleting the archived log tabled, i.e. they currently won't get removed. But this issue will be fixed in Elgg 1.8.16: https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/5490.


  • OregonMike replied on the discussion topic Log blitz
    I took the site offline, brought it back online and emptied the log table.  The problem seems to have gone away.  Very strange indeed. view reply
  • OregonMike replied on the discussion topic Log blitz
    Thanks for the ideas Dhrup.  I appreciate the help. view reply
  • OregonMike replied on the discussion topic Log blitz
    Dhrup, how am I attacking my own site? Any suggestions on how to proceed?   Mike view reply
  • OregonMike added a new discussion topic Log blitz in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I have my log rotate and garbage collection set to 1 week but my logs are getting very large and go back farther than a week.  Is there a way to empty the log and is there a way to tell if the frequent log entries ( about 1 a second ) are...
  • Not sure whether this topic belongs under plugin development or tech support or elseware. I have 1.8.8.  I installed Auctions and Market plugins.  I also have the user dashboard plugin. I dragged both Auctions and Market widgets unto my...
  • OregonMike replied on the discussion topic Can't find twitterservice plugin.
    Thanks Jeroen. I was coming to that conclusion.  I'm now trying to setup the twitter API plugin.The instruction are sparse.  I found where to create a twitter APP but I'm a bit unsure what settings to use. But I'll keep searching. Thanks... view reply
  • OregonMike added a new discussion topic Can't find twitterservice plugin. in the group Feedback and Planning
    Can't find twitterservice plugin.  Searches turn up discussions but not the actual plugin.  Where can I find it.