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  • Michael added a new discussion topic Group rights in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi i have a question,I know that with 'admin_gatekeeper();' you can hide menu itums from the menubar for normal users, but is it or how is it possible  to make links visible for lets say group 'Test 1', but not visible for group 'Test...
    • Indeed.


      If session->user.belongsto.GroupUID


      display link blablabla



      Incredibly rough and not the correct functions, but it would go something like that [see above].

    • @Michael: Please how can I use this function well.the normal users dont have to see uploads from the administrator .

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  • Michael commented on the plugin Forum
    Hi,With this pluggin you can give groups rights to see a subforum or not.But if you choose that group 'test 1' cant see the subforum, you still see it in the overview list of all forums/subforums.Is it possible that when your not aloud to see a...
  • Michael replied on the discussion topic Help me with my header
    @rjcalifornia Thx, i changed it to: <a href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>"><img src="http://mywebsite/_graphics/logoelgg.gif" /></a> When i browse to my elgg website i got a gray pages with your code. I think its becaus... view reply
  • Michael joined the group Elgg Technical Support
  • Michael commented on the plugin Group Member Manager
    Nice plugin, but would it be possible to add the option to create a new group in this plugin? If you make a group you have to go to the group tab and then back to the admin controls to ad members with this plugin.Any how ;) this is a recommend...
  • Michael commented on the plugin Block new group creation
    Recommended, sweet plugin
  • Michael commented on the plugin Simple forum
    Hi,i use elgg 1.7.4 and it works great but i miss the option for notivication and the number of forums stack up on 1 pages. Does any1 know some tips/tricks? And when i click on the Simple Forum Settings, the page returns to the home...