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  • MarkieDude added a new discussion topic Insert data into elgg database? in the group Plugin Development
    Hello, So I'm Creating a complex plugin which, in order to work needs to save and pull information from the elgg database... how would I use my plugin to create the tables within the database? This is the code i need to put into the database:...
    • This has already been said many times, but I think that it is worth saying again:

      Adding new tables to Elgg is a Bad Idea. It subverts the whole API and means that you can't use the many standard functions for updating,  searching and listing entities that Elgg supplies out of the box.

      In every case that I have seen so far, the person wanting to do this does not understand the Elgg API and is trying to do something that the standard API can do better and more easily.

      MarkieDude, you may be the exception to this rule, but I really urge you to look at Elgg carefully before adding new tables.

    • I would agree. If you have allot of data and you determine that you need to store it outside of elgg. I would create a seperate database, expose it via a webservice or just interact directly. This will allow you to create facebook versions of your app or pure webbased versions. Since you didn't change the elgg database, upgrading shouldnt cause any issues.

  • MarkieDude added a new discussion topic Elgg Mobile Templates in the group Theme Development
    Ok, so i've only ever seen one template for elgg that auto adjusted and also worked for iPhones (Mobile Devices), however; it was of very poor quality and overided my main elgg theme. Seeing as I own an iPhone; something like this is extremely...
    • He already update under his plugin ,he will update the plugin when 1.8 will out... or you can pay him to update ASAP.

    • @Mark

      how I use mobile elgg?
      I have the same host for my elgg site?

    • what i think and believe that is important but i havent seen the plugin since i have been

      studying this script....which any programmer can pick up and add to his developing list,

      * Fully customizable profile pages
      Change background images, colors,
       this future will let members to customise there profile to there taste,by theme changing

      the color of there page borders and adding there pictures as there wall paper.

      * shoutout chat: which will let members to drop a shoutout from there own very page, then

      it will go randomly to all other profile page of other member, the person that drop a

      shoutout, picture and a short info about him will display randomly on the chat....i will

      also advise that the person who will pick to develop this plugin should make it to work on

      the mobile tooo and so for it to come with smile icons,enable people to upload the picture

      and tagging friends on the picture.

      * rating profile, which will come with a start or any other rating icon...

      * advance and muture writing walls, which will come with a privancy,eg post to

      friend,groups,myself e.t.c and some smile icon, we should try to make something unique

      *detector:  people really wanted to be seen of what kind of devices that they are making

      using of...
       i think that some programmer should pick and add the developing of this script
       which will

      detect, what kind of decktop browser the person is using eg, internet

      expore,mozila,safari,epci, e.t.c
       and also the kind of mobile they are using... eg, ipad,iphone 3,4,4s,

      androids,blackberry,samsumg galaxy and symbian, java..... which is nokia... they want the

      icon to show on they wall so that they friends will see it...

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  • MarkieDude commented on the plugin Lucy Games
    Works like a charm. Thank-you!   I've downloaded and installed, although I hate the fact that it has 'watermarks - "Powered by" at the bottom, although I know this reads from a server...'   I'm in the process of creating...
  • MarkieDude added a new discussion topic Help - Plugin Help in the group Plugin Development
    Greetings wise people of Elgg and beyond. Here's my problem - it'll be great if you could help! I'm a newbie - just remember that. I've got a plugin called Warpz_Message.... Ive got a file called: edit.php located...