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  • Joshua Hameo replied on the discussion topic Looking for a specific plugin
    Hey @Shouvik nvm I found a link to it on the twitter feed that is on your profile! Thanks!! This might be exactly what I was looking for!! I will keep you posted as to how it all turns out in the future! I've never created my own plugin before, but... view reply
  • Joshua Hameo replied on the discussion topic Looking for a specific plugin
    @Shouvik That link is working for me :( Can you submit another?   view reply
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    Joshua Hameo
  • Joshua Hameo added a new discussion topic Looking for a specific plugin in the group Plugin Development
    I am wondering if anyone could create or has heard of a plugin that allows someone to add custom html created pages to their elgg site, but without having to leave the site to see it. I have seen some html widgets for profiles, but I am wondering if...
    • @Stumpy - I don't really have an opinion on the matter, I don't know the author, I haven't seen the code, and I've never used/worked with the plugin.  That said, your logic is flawed.  As someone who owns a business and occasionally has to outsource parts of projects to meet deadlines and such, I can assure you that just because you outsource to someone doesn't mean you don't think you can do it better.  Also, just because you outsource doesn't mean they won't fail you terribly.  The granting of the subcontract always comes before the failure, that's a timeline thing and will never change.

      DDS and IK were simply giving their opinions on the plugin (and in DDS' case his opinion on the author) from personal experience, and IK also provided a third party anecdote about a potential failure in the security of the plugin.  Sure there probably is some hard feelings on the part of DDS, there can't not be hard feelings if you're left holding the bag at a deadline trying to explain to a client that their project isn't ready as you promised.  They weren't being slanderous and just spreading hate randomly, they were on topic and giving you these opinions so you could have a heads up that not everyone thinks that plugin is the greatest.  That way you can make a more informed decision before you drop $250 on something that apparently isn't even compatible with the latest release and is missing features you require.

      It's completely up to you whether you risk it or not, but you have a little more information than you did.  If you get it and it works out exactly as you need, then great!  If not, well, they did try to warn you.

      Maybe after reading these ask the author for some references of people who bought the plugin and were happy with it?  If he can produce some then you have opposing opinions to weight.  If he has none then that may be a good indication that there are real problems with it.

    • @MB

      Apparently it is compatible, I checked with the auther.


    • @Joshua - I'm sure Stumpy is sorry for hijacking your question but the S Mukergee tutorial looks really informative and useful.

      @Stumpy - Your question reminds me of when, as we were getting ready for a night on the town, my first wife asked me... "Does this dress make my arse look big"? Whatever I answered I was going to finish up in Court.

      @IK, @DDS & @All - Keep up the great work and thanks for your time.

  • Joshua Hameo added a new discussion topic Profile Avatar Is'nt uploading correctly in the group Feedback and Planning
    Whenever I upload an avatar it says that the avatar uploaded successfully, but it doesn't show the picture. If I turn the profile plugin off than the picture shows up, but of course there isn't a profile there anymore. I've contacted customer...
    • Am also experiencing the same problem. i Tried replacing profile pluging to new. but no change !!

    • Friends!! Happy News!! I found the problem!! I installed elgg in one of my server in a folder for test!! I found that this problem is because data directory must be outside of elgg installed folder for security!! If am moving these whole files to a folder its will cause error so what is the solution??

    • Guys am very happy Tonight !! Successfully Problem resolved !! Just move your data directory to out side of public_html folder and change its path from your settings (adv. sett. in admin panel) !!!! :-D