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  • JB commented on the plugin Robust Blog
    I'd really love to see a 1.8.x version of this -- seems thisis the only blog imporovement of it's type.
  • JB commented on the plugin RSS Import
    Hey Matt, haven't tried the plugin yet (planning to), but wondering if it's possible to have it import only first 50 or description of the rss, then the link to original article. I'd like to use this as news reader for my site, importing local news...
  • JB commented on the plugin Menu Builder
    @inca usually illegal offset means the array couldn't find what was asked of it (aka, not items in the array). I'd guess try deleting the menu items and re-adding them.
  • JB commented on the plugin Menu Builder
    @Jeroen Dalsem I'm seeing a problem with logged_out settings... it's simply not showing for logged out people. I saw this has ben raised before but I did not see a work around for it. I looked through the code but couldn't determine where the...