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    Beginning Developers

    This space is for newcomers, who wish to build a new plugin or to customize an existing one to their liking


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  • H.Lunke commented on the plugin Skype plugin
    Hi Gerard, very useful plugin, thanks a lot. I would prefer not to use the widget but to have a skype-link shown as part of the user details shown on the profile, like the website or the contact email address. Using a slightly modified...
  • H.Lunke commented on the plugin EuphoriaNIC Theme
    To enable the search in the original theme, look for the following line in the file "start.php" in the modules directory and put 2 slashes (//) in front of if:elgg_unextend_view('page/elements/header', 'search/header');Regarding the "Hover does not...
  • H.Lunke commented on the plugin Frontpage Campaign
    i noticed a small issue, probably a copy&paste error on line 23 of "views/default/widgets/videolist/content.php", which links to "pages/owner/" instead of "videolist/owner/". Everything else works perfectly fine for me, thanks for your support!
  • H.Lunke released a new version of the plugin GnuDIP
  • H.Lunke commented on the plugin GnuDIP
    Not yet, and when it will be online access will be restricted ;)
  • H.Lunke commented on the plugin GnuDIP
    This plugin does only make sense if you offer a dynamic DNS service and want to restrict the access to users of your ELGG site. Most ELGG based communities/sites will not need it or benefit from it.
  • H.Lunke uploaded a new plugin: GnuDIP