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  • H4mish replied on the discussion topic Installation - Data Directory
    Thanks for the help, I can't beleive that I find it so difficult to install. I added a new directory When asked for the Data Directory I entered /media/images and get the error "Your data directory /media/images does... view reply
  • H4mish added a new discussion topic Installation - Data Directory in the group General Discussion
    Hi Everybody, I'm new to elgg and already struggling with the installation. The data directory must be created outside of the document root? If it's outside of the root how can I get the URL for it or does it have to be added to a...
    • What @rahul wrote is at least misleading if not wrong!

      Just DO NOT create the data directory within public_html (or www or whatever your document root folder is named). Even if you install Elgg in a subfolder within the document root directory DO NOT create the data directory within the document root folder.

      The important point is that anything within the document root folder is directly accessible from the Internet. This isn't a problem for the Elgg install files as they don't require write access and need to be (read) accessible anyway.

      But the content of the data directory needs to be writable for the webserver (and as such could also be modified over the Internet). So, DO NOT create the data directory within document root.

      If you have trouble with creating the data directory, ask the support of your webhost. The must be able to help you easily - even if it's only to tell you that you can't create a folder / save stuff outside the document root folder as it might be the case on some free hosting servers. But the whole server setup can vary so much that it's simply impossible to tell you the exact path where to create the data directory and what correspondingly needs to be entered at installing Elgg. I can only suggest: if your webspace has a home directory (one level above the document root folder), create the data directory within. If you have CPanel or a similar administration tool it should have a file browser to handle it. And if still in doubt, as the support guys of your webhoster.

    • @iionly

      i installed elgg in that way. Do i need to change something ?

      how can i change or rectify it ?

    • @rahul Move the directory outside the document root and replace it with a symlink. This can be done in one quick operation with no downtime. Then change the dataroot in advanced settings to point to the new location, and delete the symlink.