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  • Marcelo Teixeira added a new discussion topic Hotwords no Elgg in the group Elgg Brasil
    Olá pessoal, gostaria de saber se aguém está usando o no Elgg. Tinha o site em Wordpress e tinha um plugin que gerenciava para mim, mas no Elgg não consegui achar uma forma de integrar o hotwords no meu...
  • Marcelo Teixeira added a new discussion topic Image resize in blogs in the group General Discussion
    Hi people, theres a way to resize and use some lightbox effect to see the whole image in the blogs? Some people are posting large size images and they are breaking the layout of the blog and the front page widget.
  • Marcelo Teixeira replied on the discussion topic Working with Elgg 1.6? in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    Hi people just to know if this plugin works fine with the new Elgg version 1.6, anyone tried?
  • Marcelo Teixeira added a new discussion topic Working with Elgg 1.6? in the group Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin
    Hi people just to know if this plugin works fine with the new Elgg version 1.6, anyone tried?
  • Marcelo Teixeira replied on the discussion topic Version 1.6 is now the latest download in the group Feedback and Planning
    I just noticed that the latest download is now V1.6.  I'm about to try this new release out.  I've you've installed this final release (not the previous RC1), please post your comments here.
    • I found it. It's kind of hairy. Follow me. I'll try to be as clear as I can.

      1) When the user registers, even before they validate via email, Admin/User Administration shows the user in the user list.

      But Remember, now we get the IOException Error.

      2) When I turn off the plugin "default widgets", during the next registration, the IOException Error GOES AWAY. So does the user in the Admin/User Administration.

      So, turning off "default widgets' fixest the problem.

      Yes it does, as long as you don't use "siteaccess". If you use "uservalidationbyemail" and even the new "captcha" then, with "default widgets" turned off, the registration seems to work well.

      3) But, if you turn off "default widgets" and try to use "siteaccess", although the email validation is sent, when ya click on it to try to validate it, ya get an error message saying the email is not valid. So what you end up with is no way to validate the email, and since the "default widgets" is turned off, then the User isn't shown in the Admin. So the user is gone for ever -- not really, cause if you look at the database, table (elgguser_entry), you will see the user is there. But ya can't get to it. And ya can't register again, cause if ya try, you will get an error message saying the user and/or the email address is already used. I don't know if it's ok to delete the user manually from the table, so what I've done is left it there and just changed the email and the user fields which then frees up the id to be used again.  And then the user can register again. So, "siteaccess" will not work if the "default widgets" is not turned on. Also, the user is not shown in the "siteaccess" display - anywhere - which explains why the email address can't be found.

      4) Ok, so we turn the "default widgets" back on, and try registering using "siteaccess" again. Presto, this time everything works great, email address is valid, and the user can validate pefectly. Even the User displays in the admin before the user validates. And the user displays in the "siteaccess". All as it should - EXCEPT - we get the IOException error. Bummer!!

      So it appears there is a conflict in 1.6 with "default widgets" and with "siteaccess". As long as "default widgets" is off and we use "uservalidationbyemail" with or without "captcha", it works. But if you want to use to "siteaccess" ya can't without "default widgets" being on, but then that causes the IOException error.

      So what do we do now? This all worked in 1.5, but now it's broken in 1.6. How do we get it fixed? Who do we notify about "default widgets"? Who do we notify about "siteaccess"?

      If anyone knows how to get these fixed, and if what I've just spelled out is clear as mud, I'll be happy to try to explain more clearly to whomever will listen so we can get these working again. I, for one, want to use them both.


    • It appears this registration problem is becoming more obvious. See...

      Just trying to get everyone together on the same page. Also posted this problem to the discussion list to see if we can generate any interest there.

    • I know it was a long shot, but I replaced the "default widgets" plugin from 1.6 with the prior one from 1.5. It says they are the same version, but ya never know. Anyway, when I turned on the 1.5 "default widgets" got the same IOException error. Turned it off and it went away. (( siteaccess is off uservalidationby email is on).

      Intresting thing though, is that when I turned off the "default widgets" the new user was displayed in  the Admin Users screen, even though the user was not yet validated.

      So, it appears that since the "default widgets" was working ok in 1.5, and now causes this error in 1.6, and "siteaccess" was working fine in 1.5, and now has this weirdness in 1.6 - it's surely a conflict that's caused by 1.6, that needs to be fixed in 1.6 or both the "default widets" and "siteaccess" need to be examined for compatbility with 1.6.

      Not sure I can think of anything else to narrww the problem down further. If anyone has any ideas, I'll be happy to experiement.