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  • DrDave added a new discussion topic Riverdashboard with widgets? in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, I have been searching for an answer to this all day but haven't found one yet. Is it possible to add widgets to the left column of the riverdashboard? Mine has "Recent Members" on the left hand site but that is all. I would like to be able...
    • @martinez Maybe you should give yourself some time to get familiar with Elgg. You don't have to customise your dashboard or "hack" it if there is any existing plugin.

      By the way, did you know that there already is a widgetised dashboard which comes with the core plugins? Just navigation to Plugin Administration page, click the link 'Settings' beside the riverdashgoard module, set Replace the default dashboard with this activity river? to no viola!

      But, we are thinking of a more advaneed way for the widgetisation.

    • I  think you just missunderstood me... I know how to edit my page and turn on the widgets when the activity river is desactivated,  but most of us are using river activity. Unfortunatlelly once you set it on, the edit page button disapear and there are only two default widgets on the left side: site messages and recent members. You turn on the blog and the blog widget will not apear on you page VIOLA! So here we start hacking.... Am i wrong?

    • @martinez Basically, it is not hacking. It is called plugin development. The more ehanncements the developers launch in plugins, the more useful Elgg gets day by day.

      As I said before, I had been thinking to implement such functionality. But, I need some time.

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